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notebook:la agenda de los libros 2010

Another book in our collection of houses and gardens.

New book:Mas de les Voltes
The house and the garden,

Mas de les Voltes

Realidades y ficciones; a book of memories

book of memories

New Book: Barraquer

Inaugurated in 1941,the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center,is the most important architecture example in Art-Decó style in the city of Barcelona. Doctor Ignacio Barraquer and the architect Joaquín LLoret Homs influenced by the ideas of the Bauhaus, ideated the builing whith absolute vision of future, that reached the highest technological and avant-garde category of the time.
The Barraquer Clinic is a private entity devoted to research,prevention,diagnosis,treatement and control of eye diseases,which offers its assistance to patients from all around the world.